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Since 1995 Index Business Services has been totally focused on providing quality and relevant services to the small business sector. We began by supplying inexpensive alternatives for accounting and payroll software. Clients then began requesting on-site help with the administration of these systems and so we started providing administrative services such as Bookkeeping, Payroll, and I.T.

We then began offering classes in the core competencies so that clients could train their own employee’s in the day to day upkeep of the accounting and payroll functions. This expanded to include personal and business tax and all the regular Revenue requirements such as Vat3, P30, and Form11. As a result of this experience, we now offer our unique range of one-day workshops which we feel can be of real benefit to any small business or self-employed person.

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Schedule D Tax, Form 11, Management Accounts for Bank Loans, Financial Statements for CRO, All Revenue Returns, Payroll and Book keeping.

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