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Are you an Irish Company resident in Ireland?

As a registered Limited Company you have a series of obligations to keep the Companies Registration Office fully informed about all your Companies activities, management personel and financial status.

You must comply with strict deadlines for each and every situation. The penalties for missing a filing date can be onorous, time consuming and financially expensive.

By Outsourcing, you can leave the job of monitoring all your CRO obligations to us and rest assured that they will be handled in a timely and efficient manner.

Benefits of a limited company registration

A company is an easy way to protect your personal assets from your businesses actions. Debts attach to the business, but not to you. Which means you can continue to focus on building your business. Depending on how much profit your business makes you will most likely pay less tax under a company structure. You will also be entitled to use your assets for raising capital, utilise company loans, lease motor vehicles and avail of various tax deductions for business expenditure.

Registering a business helps if conflict ever arises with your co-founders or Directors as share allocations can determine who has the most decision making power.

For businesses to be as successful and as expansive as they can be, having a company structure is crucial. Many other businesses will only hire and engage with registered companies. Your ability to attract investors and raise money will be easier. In  Ireland there is an 12.5% rate of corporation tax and a 25% research and development tax credit.

Why you should register your company name

Your business name will appear on everything you put out to the public. Many businesses use their registered name as their domain name for a website. This name is then used on all social media platforms which affords the business the basis for advertising and branding. The business name will appear on all legal documents including formation documents, articles of association, letterheads, invoices etc. Business loans are given to the  business and not to the individual as the company exists as an entirely seperate legal entity.

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